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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Eight Gifts That Do Not Cost You a Cent!!

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Hello Friends... are you ready?  Christmas Time's a Comin'.  The season we all love...of gift-giving, celebration, family and friends and yummy food!  Of course, Jesus is the REAL reason for the season (the Greatest Gift) and I don't say that lightly.
 He is mine for sure...

I got to thinking what this particular season may look like for our little family.  Our kids all know that Christmas will be a little "light" this year, in terms of (tangible) gift-giving, simply due to the fact that we're wanting to buy a house.  It makes it easier to explain all of that, and abide by it- since we're all a part of the impending decision. :)
It also marks one year that our landlord passed away... which adds its own dimension in and of itself.  It's now a season with even more (raw) mixed emotions and change... but God is so good!!

In the past - here on the ole blog - I had a couple of meme's that I would do for and throughout the month of December.  One year was of sharing favorite Yuletide Carols (2013), another was the December Photo Project (2011)...or, of course there were favorite Holiday cookies sprinkled throughout.   Do you remember any of those?  lol..

This year, I thought I would dust off the old keyboard and share my thoughts regarding Eight Gifts that don't cost a thing!!

Not one single cent.

So, over the next couple of weeks - hopefully, I can keep up and get them all in before Christmas - I'll be posting a little more often (smile), as I share these eight different gifts that have made a difference either in my life or that can be given to bless someone else for this Christmas-time of year!!

Do you want to know what these gifts are?

1. The Gift of Listening
2. The Gift of Affection
3. The Gift of Laughter
4. The Gift of a Written Note
5. The Gift of a Compliment
6. The Gift of Encouragement
7. The Gift of Solitude or Time
8. The Gift of a Cheerful Disposition


So, do you think you'll join me - as we reflect on this gift-giving season? ** these may or may not be coming to you in this order...

Perhaps, you can think of a few gifts yourself - that won't be costing you a cent.
I would like to hear your thoughts..

To him that gives generously... He himself will be refreshed.  
~ Proverbs 11: 24-25 (paraphrased)


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More Each Day!

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I needed this gentle reminder today....

Today you know more than you did at this time yesterday.  
Today you are one day closer to becoming the person you were meant to be.  
Today you have more experience, and more wisdom than you did just one day ago.
So, what's the best thing to do today?  More!

You are more today than you've ever been before.  
What a waste it would be to ignore that!
What a waste it would be not to make full use of it!  
Now that you've become more, it's time to do more.

Right now, you have what it takes to put more effort into your work, more love into your relationships, more discipline into your actions, more passion into your life.
The tools and opportunities available to you have grown.  
So use them to improve your results and make your life grow, too - not next week,
 not in a few days, but right now.

What can you improve just a little bit today?  Those little improvements add up, compounding each on each other until you've soon forged your life into a masterpiece.  
You have more today than ever before - so make more of this day than you've ever done.

Today is a truly golden opportunity
 to let your life shine
 more brightly with each passing moment. 
~ author unknown

Friday, November 18, 2016

{BagsbyBevy} Do I still have it in Me?

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Oh My!!
By the title of this post, you know what's coming.  A long-overdue post regarding BagsbyBevy and if you don't know or remember what that is - it's because, I haven't posted about it in a long, long time or, else, you're very, very new here.   Thanks for coming by, if that is the case!
BagsbyBevy?  So.  It's my etsy shop.
Don't looking for it - right now.  Well, you can... but...
It's "on vacation" - because!!!

I'm heading out to do a Show and Sell (sort of a Christmas/Holiday Sale) with our church.
Which takes place Saturday Morning - ahem!!  Yes, tomorrow morning.  I'm really looking forward to it.  It's been awhile - Ladies Breakfasts and get-togethers are always a good time!!

I just thought, maybe, I'd show you a sneak peek of some new additions...

I promise.
If they don't sell - they'll be added to the shop!!

Do I still have it in me?

I know one thing!!  It did feel good to "get back in the saddle" again.  Sometimes, I do my best work - at last minute and this was the case.   Five of these items were made in the last two days...

You have yourself a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Changes Marked with Gratitude

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You know how they come up!!  Sometimes too fast, sometimes slow.


Here we are facing some "new" ones, all - in our face - again.
Oh, they've been expected.  It's just that when it's happening - you don't always feel as ready as you'd like to think or hope.

Why do I talk about this so much?

Because, it's where we're at.  The challenge of change.

{I'm so glad my kiddo's got a chance to see the Supermoon of 2016 - this morning!}

However.  Here is what I'm learning - through these changes.

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!!

It's amazing... 
When you choose gratitude in the moments that are hard... then, the changes that come aren't so severe in the making.

Here is what's going on.  My Mother-in-law has found a place to relocate to.. so she is moving from her little apartment, beside us. She is a ball of mixed emotion, and rightly so.  Missing us and yet longing to feel truly settled "one last time" (she swears she's not moving again!).  

The thing is.  We'll be moving, too.  Though we don't know when or where.  We think we'll ride it out until we absolutely have to move... but, the days are ticking down for this.
We've got word - about this land (property), that it will be developed...

and, that too is change.  The kind I don't like.  The process will still take time.  So, a lot of unknowns... for sure!

Back to gratitude.  We're just grateful for God's timing.  That we can trust HIM.  Because, he never changes.   We're grateful we can count on his blessing.  His goodness.  And, he knows...
He knows our need before we even ask.

This is what He says.

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord,
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
Plans to give you a hope and a future."
~ Jeremiah 29:11

In the meantime, Life goes on.  It must.
But, my challenge is to keep my days focused on HIM.  Being ever thankful... grateful for his blessing that never ends!!

Thank you for your continued love and prayers!!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Be Different

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It's time for another analogy.  :)  I like these. I need the reminder just as much as anyone else.

Earlier this morning - I was hanging laundry on the line, and noticed the majority of my flower bed had succumbed to some hard times.  The recent frost got to them.  But, not the snapdragons.
They're still beautiful!!  Amazingly.

I wondered about it, for a moment.  And, quickly thought...
You know? I am like this flower...SURROUNDED by the dead and dying.
Hard times have hit and devastation is everywhere... Yet, I CAN still make a difference.  I WILL continue to bloom...offering HOPE; bringing life and light, when and wherever I can.  I WILL bloom where I'm planted and continue to make a difference (of influence) with whomever I come in contact with.  Whatever my sphere of influence is.  On the job, at home, out and about...

This is my prayer.  At least.

Look at that!  All around - is "darkness" and decay.  Yet, through the dismal, and in what looks like a war-zone, are those that stand firm.  Strong.  Alive.  Radient.  Ready to keep going..

So, WHO is my greatest example of this?  Jesus.  Like the lyric of the old hymn says; When all around my soul gives way... He then, is ALL my hope and stay.

What a blessed thought.  Amen?

Makes me wonder.  Do I have what it takes to stand out and be different?  Let alone, make a difference for the cause of Christ?  I SURE hope so.

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