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Saturday, March 17, 2018

fmf :: provide

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A smile is a light in the window of your face to show your heart is at home.
The theme of my heart!
Being and feeling at home!

I pray that my face would show this blessing of provision
that I know to be true.

This was the continual and resolved prayer of our hearts for a long time - as we looked for housing.  A new home - a place to call our own.  He did just that.  He provided.  This past summer - mid June, as a matter of fact, if you're new to following our blog and story.

But... I am going to have to be honest.  This house.  It still doesn't quite feel like home.  My smile isn't always there.  While I'm grateful and again, I know HE has provided and met our (every?) need... its the "want" that still gets in the way.  You can read more, starting HERE!

Would you pray for me?

~ writing and joining up with Five Minute Friday - writing for five minutes on the prompt that was given.  Today's word was provide.


Friday, March 9, 2018

fmf link up :: tired

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A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired.

I know that is meant to be a funny.  And, it is.
I immediately saw this word prompt and thought of this photo I had taken from a couple of snows ago - and decided to use this "play on words", with this word, for the Five Minute Friday.  Tired.

Forgive me, but I do think I can pull this all together.  :)

 So... I can relate to this bicycle sitting in between these other two bikes.  It looks like it's lost its footing.  It's balance.  It looks "tired".  Weighed down by the weight of the snow or maybe the wind toppled it - whatever happened.  I can relate.

I need others to keep me upright.   I can't stand alone.  Or, at least, I need them to stand by to keep me from truly falling.

We're never meant to be alone, the Bible says.

I have been really pondering the strength and beauty of relationships...and how we need one another.  I'll admit there are times... I would rather have the peace and quiet...no one needing me for anything.  No one demanding my attention.   But - at the end of the day.  It is super nice to feel supported and "needed".  We need the strength that Jesus and others provide.

tired- joining in for Five Minute Friday - taking just five minutes and writing 
whatever comes to mind, on the given word prompt.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

phone a friend at ten :: cultivating friendship

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One of the ways I've purposed to grow in, this year, was in and with a heart of contentment.  And, in particular, the area of friendships and relationships.  I have many friends, oh yes! I have many... but I'm not overly impressed with how these friendships are maintained. (This is all on my end, by the way!)
So, in other words.  This idea of wanting to grow in contentment has rather uprooted some feelings in my heart of discouragement... and loneliness.
 Sad, but true!
It's all on me.  I know it matters in how I nurture and care for the friendships I have.  Again, with so many... where do I start?  And, with me being the loyal soul that I am... I'm struggling.
Struggling to keep up...
Please hear my heart... I'm certainly not complaining.  I'm curious, rather, in how to nurture those that are most important and how to nurture that level of influence with those that are mere acquaintance.  I share all of this - because of similar, recent conversations with my two girls.  Friendships are valuable and so important - especially as family.  Yet, these can be the hardest...

Interestingly... by leaps and bounds... many MORE relationships have come into my life, over the past couple of years, which has been phenomenal.  So, when I stop to think about just how many people I daily get to rub shoulders with - beings I'm a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom, at that - I'm amazed!!!  But, truthfully... they're surface friendships.  They're not deep. Yet, these are good, too! (sigh!) 

Recently, an online facebook friend was sharing how she loves to send and receive snail mail.
The thing is... she has done something about it.
It's incredible.  We exchanged addresses the other day, and BOOM!  A letter/card showed up in the mail.  And, it truly brought a smile to my face. :)  This is simple. This is one way to build and grow relationships.
 I do this, too.. I regret to say it has been awhile, this whole thing of sending cards. Why have I gotten away from it?   There was a time when I used to send cards and notes more than have recently.   I know this isn't a new topic.  I have shared about this before.  But, I'd venture to say - I am not alone in this.   We're human creatures who crave for longing and connection.  I'm not the only one who feels a sense of "lost and lonely"... and who flits around like a dragonfly atop the pond of friendship never sure where to land and enjoy!!  I appreciate this new friend's initiative to cultivate relationship.  Sending out a thoughtful card is truly one way to do it... especially from one stay-at-home mama, to another.  We all need encouragement.  We all need love and care.  We all need reminders of God's love for us!!
Interestingly, this has been a deep, resounding prayer of mine - since relocating.   Would new friendships come about in this new chapter of my life?  (The answer is: they are!  They have!)
What's that little adage:  Make new friends but keep the old.  Some are silver and the other gold?

Well, here is another thing - to add to my list of intention.  I've come up with an idea...
I don't know what to call it... it's just a thing... to keep my self accountable, but it's this little adage to say..."phone a friend at ten".   Meaning, taking the time - around 10 am, every day or there about - (when I'm most available) during my day, to make a short and courteous phone call... whether the person answers or not... to just simply say "hello" and to let them know I've been thinking about them.

This is a ministry.  Another area of growth for me!

Cultivating Friendship!!
What is it?  How do you nurture and grow friendships?  Or, raise your hand.  If you're like me and want to grow and nurture the friendships that you've been given... How can I encourage you?

To have a friend is to be blessed!

Friday, February 23, 2018

The condition of our soul soil...

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Oh, this blogging road is so "rocky".  Have you noticed...?  I'm having a hard time keeping up. Thank you, so much, for sticking around and keeping interest.  I greatly appreciate you - my dear readers.  You're comments mean the world to me.

The last two posts were about the word (my word for the new year) - GROW or GROWTH and about seeds.  How they are sown...or broadcasted.  If you remember me using that word...?  I said we'd stay on this gardening themed topic... for a bit.  So, here goes.

First off, you can hardly have growth if you don't have seeds and you certainly can't have that if you don't have soil.  Right? Soil isn't conditional  Meaning, like, you have to have soil. 
YOU NEED SOIL...to make things grow.
But... the question or thought we want to consider today is, what is the condition of our soul soil? 

You can have any kind of soil... but if it isn't good or quality or healthy... what good is it going to do you? Descriptions of some not-so-good soil are: Hard, stony or "pale and shallow"...
I know I've talked a lot of gardening and the like - over the course of my blogging "years".  (Wow!!  I've been "blogging" - albeit on an off - for a really long time).  In fact, I just took a few moments to reread some of my old gardening themed posts.  I was tempted to just share one of those... and not go with anything new - but that felt like a cop out to me - so you've got this.

So, we understand, the condition of our soil is so very important. And, yet here is something that we often forget about.   Earthworms.

They are the lowliest of the low.  Do you agree??

And, yet they're crucial to our earth's ecosystem.  Without them...our soil wouldn't be much to talk about.  You can tell - just by digging around - how healthy your soil is if you see evidence of worms in your soil. What comes to mind when I think of healthy soil.... is rich, dark, wet - smells earthy - loose and movable.
A sweet, dear friend recently was speaking of this very thing... and I like how she stated this... and with her permission...I'm paraphrasing! :)
Something so small and insignificant,such as an earthworm, can leave behind the greatest impact of fertilizing our earth's soil in preparation for planting.  He works hard behind the scenes going unnoticed at large.  Yet he's faithful.  Day and and day out...  Because of this... it is this worm's faithfulness that leads to an abundant harvest.


Sometimes hard things that come in our lives are really crucial for the growth that we need in our lives.  Situations that "worm" their way in and through our lives are only preparing us for deeper growth.  Let's not wish it all away.  Let's embrace and allow the "yuckies" of life to be a blessing!!!
 I admit, I don't like the hard things of life.  HOWEVER, I have come to embrace their faithfulness as part of my internal growth.  When I think of the soil of my soul... I really do want it to be pliable and fertile.
Right now, I'm going through something very personal.  It has a lot to do with contentment.   I'm grateful for what God has blessed me with, don't get me wrong - but, down deep I'll feel the "worm squirm" of wanting to complain.  I feel "claustrophobic".  I feel cheated.  "This isn't the way it was supposed to be or go"... and, if I allow those "weeds" to thrive... they'll overgrow and overtake and there will be a hardening of heart.  See how all of this effects the condition of our soul soil?

This is real.  And, challenging!!  But, because I'm recognizing it, in me...I see it as an opportunity to pull those things from my heart and mind and replace it with a positive mindset and a grateful heart!!

I can't do it by myself.  I need the Gardner of my soul!!!

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. 
- Psalm 51:10 KJV

Friday, January 12, 2018

Broadcasting seeds...leads to viable growth!

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It's amazing how just thinking of and taking a word.  One word, for the year!  How thinking on that and pondering over it - and we're what, only about two weeks in? - and how this has really, already made an impact on how I'm thinking and feeling in my day-to-day...

Growth is powerful.   But. 

Before there is growth of any kind - there has to be seeds.

I was listening, this morning, to a preacher share... actually, I caught him by accident.  I wasn't really listening... but he was talking about seeds.  How that they have to be planted before they do anything else.  I mean, you can hold em in your hand and look at the all day - but they won't do any good at all unless they are sown... in other words, "broadcasted" or scattered!!

It made me pause.
Who or what has "broadcasted" those seeds into heart-soil?  The word "broadcast" took me off guard.  Its a big one.  We use it - but not necessarily like this anymore.  To broadcast - gives the picture of " to spread far and wide"...
  The further and wider they are sown out... means a larger and better yield.

What matters, though, is what kinds of seeds there are.  Do I know?

My prayer is that they are good seeds.  Right seeds.  Vital to my life seeds.

Not weed seeds.  No!

Seeds of encouragement.  Seeds of kindness.  Gentleness.  Relation-ally speaking that they would be seeds of good and healthy friendships.  Positive for growth in business skills.

Growing in peace and patience.
Confidence and willpower!  Stamina and resiliency.  

Guess what?

Did you know we are seed sharers? We are.
Think of every time we blow upon that dandelion - we spread a bunch of seeds with every puff.

I know.  Its not something we think about in the middle of January.  But what kinds of growth are you anticipating?  Are you aware the sort of seeds that have been sown into your life?   Are you putting yourself in position to garner those seeds for viable growth?  What are you broadcasting??

Just for fun.  I thought I'd show you my violets.  My mom gave them to me, after we moved in to our new home... and ya'll.  I have not really ever had success with indoor plants growing to their full potential.  Ever.  Whether it was just not the right place in the home, with adequate sunshine, perhaps I'd forgotten to water them...etc.  But... do you see?  They're blooming!!

I think we're going to keep on this topic for awhile...
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